The Difference Is Night and Day

Your office feeling a little dreary? Trust me deary its probably not you. Its your lighting. The difference between fluorescent and LED is night and day, just check out our office which we are upgrading with our LED lighting. No ballast required. Come check out our LED inventory and see how we can brighten your Read more about The Difference Is Night and Day[…]

How to Become Legrand-ary!

The path to greatness might not be achievable in a day but a better looking house/business is! Whether you are remodeling or wanting a change in design to your switches and outlets we have you covered. We stock switches, decora switches, receptacles, tamper-proof receptacles, and many other variations in-between. For those of you wanting a Read more about How to Become Legrand-ary![…]

Its raining it its pouring the need for weatherproof is soaring.

What do hurricanes, thunderstorms, snowstorms, and tornadoes have in common? These natural phenomenons can wreak havoc on your outdoor electrical equipment. That is why you need to make sure that all your outside enclosures, receptacles, lighting and panels are properly protected. We can help! Our Topaz, Taymac and Bell line will help protect your smaller Read more about Its raining it its pouring the need for weatherproof is soaring.[…]

That missing electrical piece. We have it!

There are few things more frustrating than spending hours on a puzzle only to find a piece missing. The same thing  is true of electrical work. There is nothing more frustrating than working through a project only to find that you are missing a piece. A stalled project can lead to longer downtime, and enormous Read more about That missing electrical piece. We have it![…]