Broken Breakers? Brand Specific Breakers? Panels and Safety Switches? Siemens can cross.

Did you know that Siemens crosses over with certain Square D, GE, and some other breaker brands? Now you know! If you are replacing components of panels or even panels themselves stop in and see what we have to offer. We stock Siemens: Panels (Main Breaker and Main Lug) Metering boxes Safety Switches Breakers And Read more about Broken Breakers? Brand Specific Breakers? Panels and Safety Switches? Siemens can cross.[…]

Increased productivity no caffeine required.

The days might get brighter earlier but that also means they get darker quicker. Studies have shown that as coolness of light increases so does productivity. This coolness is produced by a higher Kelvin figure such as 5000-6500 Kelvins. Our LED Fixtures, bulbs, panels, and UFO LEDs vary in Kelvin to give you a warm Read more about Increased productivity no caffeine required.[…]

The Difference Is Night and Day

Your office feeling a little dreary? Trust me deary its probably not you. Its your lighting. The difference between fluorescent and LED is night and day, just check out our office which we are upgrading with our LED lighting. No ballast required. Come check out our LED inventory and see how we can brighten your Read more about The Difference Is Night and Day[…]

How to Become Legrand-ary!

The path to greatness might not be achievable in a day but a better looking house/business is! Whether you are remodeling or wanting a change in design to your switches and outlets we have you covered. We stock switches, decora switches, receptacles, tamper-proof receptacles, and many other variations in-between. For those of you wanting a Read more about How to Become Legrand-ary![…]