Increased productivity no caffeine required.

The days might get brighter earlier but that also means they get darker quicker. Studies have shown that as coolness of light increases so does productivity. This coolness is produced by a higher Kelvin figure such as 5000-6500 Kelvins. Our LED Fixtures, bulbs, panels, and UFO LEDs vary in Kelvin to give you a warm to very cool color output. You can see the difference in the warm fluorescent bulbs and the cool LED lights below. These newer brighter lights will bring out the color in your location and help the productivity in your workers. Contact us and see how we can help you today!

The left is fluorescent the right is 4100 Kelvins. The Lights below are the 5000 K UFO LEDs (The November Featured product) It will bring out the colors of your location and help increase the productivity in your workers.